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BREAKING: Mr. Sheen on the Coke again

Do you remember the days when Charlie Sheen use to be Lt. Topper Harley in the mega-classic movie Hot Shots! (and Hot Shots! Part Deux) and watching it we had mind-storming good laughs ? I miss that for real.
But hey, Mr. Sheen (@charliesheen) is here again with a Winning! DUH! attitude and almost 3.000.000 followers on Twitter. Continue reading

Sad Keanu Reeves Mega Collection (updated)

“A paparazzi photo surfaced on the Internet featuring an unshaven, mopey Reeves eating a sandwich on a park bench, fans started to worry. Was he sad? Lonely? Bored? Was something actually wrong, or was he just tired? The Internet, as tends to happen, became very concerned. Continue reading