Did Webber steal from Pink Floyd ?

The Phantom Of The Opera. Did Andrew Lloyd-Webber (and Rick Wakeman) steal from Pink Floyd ? There was and are rumors and/or accusations about the origin of this well-known evergreen tune. Here i present the 3 version of the same tune.

Coincidence or not ?
Did Andrew Lloyd-Webber (and Rick Wakeman) steal from Pink Floyd ? The best way for you to respond to the things I write here is to leave a comment.

Rick Wakeman – Judas Iscariot

Pink Floyd – Echoes and Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Phantom Of The Opera

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  4. just a guitar player

    A better question would be whom did Pink Floyd 'steal' this from. Nobody composes in a vacuum. An ascending/descending sequence of 5 notes in a minor scale is hardly an innovative musical figure. Were I a master of musical history, I'm 99.9% certain I could name a piece by someone such as Bach, Buxtehude, Teleman, Handel, or someone contemporaneous, containing the same sequence.

  5. kbel

    This is a chromatic scale and it encompasses a Major third. However, i agree with the previous poster that it is a common sequence used in passing, although playing it over and over makes it into a riff that is clearly recognizable. I believe that is the assertion of those who believe it has been ripped off.

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