Death Metal with Louis Armstrong

I passionately digg the whole Internet for the coolest video/music mashup pieces. Some make me laugh (The Zimmers plays Prodigy – Firestarter), some makes me headbang for minutes (DJ. Schmolli – Queen will slay you) and some of them are just awesomely cool (Mashup – Top 25 Billboard Hits).

As a linktip I just received a brainstorming video. It’s Louis Armstrong singing What A Wonderful World in a non-forgettable Death Metal version.

Want some more like this ?

DJ. Schmolli – Queen will slay you

The Zimmers plays Prodigy – Firestarter

Mashup – Top 25 Billboard Hits

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  3. new jazz

    Louis Armstrong is just the greates jazz musician in the world ever. I really love to listen to him. New-Orleans-Jazz for ever!

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