Sometimes the funniest joke is in front of us. We just have to open our mind eyes.

The best joke ever with Tom Hanks :)


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  1. Gold

    At first sight, I thought that is Elvis, and the fourth time I realise T.HANKS. :) OHH my old brain…

  2. Robby

    Funny, makes me wanna go around all the burger bars and do the same lol

  3. boomer61

    I agree with Robby, what you need to do is organize a nationwide effort on one particular day, and have tons of people do this in every place that they can, you KNOW that would be front page news, and fun as hell to boot.

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  5. mama

    átnéztem az oldaladat nekem ez tőbb orába telt amíg megtaláltalak nagyon jo máskor ís felkereslek hajrá csak így tovább mama

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